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Red Rose Sculpture
Horseshoe Sculptures

By Dale Robertson

Sewing Machine TractorIn 2002 Dale began to create his art. Building simple forms at first he gradually increased the scope and size of his creations. Today, his creations are life-sized representations of various subjects.

What really sets his work apart from other sculptors is the medium his works in, Horseshoes, bent, formed, and welded into the various shapes to form the unique subjects represented. Working from a model Dale measures and welds the pieces together to form a 3 dimensional figure. The larger sculptures can consume 500 to 700 horseshoes each. Once he is satisfied with the look and fit of the shoes, Dale then makes the hundreds of welds needed to make the finished piece solid.

Dale and Project in ProgressDale is a graduate of Stanford High School and spent 4 months building a white wolf for the school. Although school officials were skeptical at first they really liked the finished piece.

Dale's art work could be considered a form of recycling. Dale gets his horseshoes from farriers, people who shoe horses, who would otherwise just have to discard the used shoes in landfills. Dale has gone through a large truck load of shoes in the last several years.

Dale invites you to take a trip though his Galleries. Some of pieces shown are owned by clients the photos used with their permission. We are just offering a primer to give you, our guest, some idea what is possible in the way of sculpting in this unique medium.

New Moose this year

A moose on the lot.

Two new "Porch Horses"

The Totem Pole.
Our Totem Pole

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